The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dog His Very Own Life Jacket

During the hotter parts of the year, you’re going to want to head outdoors with your furry friend and spend some long-overdue quality time. And we all know that it’s pretty amazing to head to your local beaches, pools, rivers, and lakes to take the temperature down. But did you ever think about getting a life jacket for your dog? Our article features the top 10 reasons why dogs need a lifejacket and answers to the question, does your dog need a life jacket.

Not All Dogs Were Made For Swimming

If you didn’t already know, not all were born with the ability to swim naturally. And while we’ve all heard of doggy paddle, quite a few dogs have a hard time staying afloat. Breeds that have a lower body fat index such as Greyhounds aren’t really buoyant, and the others that sport large chests are pretty heavy in the water. However, the smaller breeds such as Shih Tzus and Terriers do well and then get pretty tired; so, if your dog appears to need a little extra help, a dog life jacket will keep him or her safe for tons of hours in the sun.

Everyone Gets A Little Tired

As we’ve mentioned before, some dogs have a build condusive for swimming. Examples of these dogs are the webbed feet breed known as the Portuguese Water Dog. Even a Labrador, have a body frame that is a little stronger than others. And just like humans, not all dogs know when it’s time for a well-earned break. Hence, even the best will get pretty tired after a while, so before you stumble into any sticky situations, it’s best to get a life jacket that supports a series of different emotions within the vast blue sea.

Emergencies Are Unpredictable

When taking your dogs to the water, it’s always a great idea to be extra prepared. This is just because things happen unannounced, and dangerous situations can occur when in deep water. Life jackets can do a great deal in preserving the life of your dog since it keeps their heads above the water. And it will continue to do so if something occurs and they become unconscious.

Unseen Water Hazards

While it’s completely safe in some instances to go swimming with your dog, you can never be too sure of what lurks beneath the water. In the case of lakes and even the sea, there can be foliage and various debris, such as branches that can easily hinder the safety of your furry loved one. Even swimming against currents can become tiring and lead to severe exhaustion. Life jackets do a great job of protecting them in even the most bizarre scenarios.

Your Dogs Stay Warm In Their Jackets

Hypothermia can still be experienced by dogs who have even the thickest of coats. And from the moment their natural body temperature drops below 99 degrees F, they can begin to experience hypothermia, and various functions can quickly become impaired. With that said, there are specially made life jackets that do a great job of ensuring that they stay nice and warm.

You’ll Be Able To Keep A Better Eye On Your Dog In The Water

Due to their low profile when swimming, it’s quite easy to lose sight of them while they’re having fun. However, if they’re wearing a life jacket, you can easily spot them from even a mile away. So, if something suddenly happens in a strong current, you’ll be able to see them immediately.

Convenient Handles

If you’ve never seen a doggy life jacket up close, they come with a built-in handle at the top. This comes in extra handy if you need to haul them to a safer location in a hurry. And it’s also a pretty great way to aid them with swimming. The handles attached have also been known to be the biggest lifesaver when in trouble.

If you’re taking your dog on a boat, this feature will definitely come in handy in case something goes wrong. We can never stress enough about how easily disasters can happen. And if your dog happens to go overboard, you can easily grab him by the handle of the life jacket.

Easier To Aid With Swimming Lessons

If your dog is currently a weaker swimmer, getting him his own life jacket will do a great job of giving a confidence booster. And it will ensure that he has much more fun while in the water. Life jackets do an excellent job of keeping them buoyant and ensuring that they use all four legs and not just two when trying to swim.

Life Jackets Will Create The Extra Added Peace Of Mind That You Need
Heading to the water is always a great bonding experience for any family. But it becomes quite stressful if you’re worried all the time about safety issues. When you get a life jacket for your dog, you can have a little fun because you know that he will always stay afloat. And as we’ve mentioned before, even in the toughest situations, he will remain afloat.

Cuteness Overload

You can’t really deny how adorable and cute your dog’s look when they’re wearing their safety life jackets. And the jackets do a great job at highlighting your dog with every move they make in the water. Rest assured, because you’ll always know where they are due to the various accents attached.

So, those are the top 10 reasons why you should get a life jacket for your dog. Life jackets will keep your dog’s safe in any situation. There are many more that can be mentioned, such as the life vests for dog information found here; but these reasons should be enough. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared!